• Cube Of Rubbish Indoor Gallery Space Industrial Colourful
  • Art Once dolls head in cage
  • Blue Spider Web Art Colour
  • Closeup Detail Tied Rope Clasp Holding Art Together
  • Once Art Zoom In On String of Red Lights
  • Trash Box Outdoor Art Seaside Walkway Recycling Environment



Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark

Take one funfair, filled with colourful rides, festoon lights and painted type, and crush it into a 4 metre box. Then transport to Denmark and let the locals make of the sculpture what they will. Once upon a time it was full of life and laughter. And now what?

Created by The Glue Society

Ming Mong Game Show

Virgin Mobile
‘Ming Mong’

Way before Snapchat, Instagram or even hashtags were all the rage, sending a photo message was deemed pricey and kind of excessive. But what...

Dip Desperado Doritos

‘Dip Desperado’

The life of a champion corn chip flicker is hard. Not just physically draining but emotionally. And in the case of Esteban Ortega, the...

Hot With The Chance- of Late Storm

Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney
‘Hot With a Chance of a Late Storm’

Many a child cried when this sculpture appeared at Tamarama beach. But the simple twist of making an entire ice-cream van melt all over...

Ikea A Wonderful Life

‘Wonderful Life’

How are lifelong memories made? Perhaps they stem from simple things which surround us and shape our lives. Even bits of everyday furniture can...