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Suncorp : One House

Written by

Leo Burnett Sydney

Directed by

The Glue Society

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Following the extraordinary Australian climate tragedies of 2019, we partnered with industry experts to design, build and test an affordable family home that was entirely resilient to bushfire, flood, storm and cyclone.

One House to Save Many brought together world-class expertise and knowledge from James Cook University, the CSIRO and Room 11 Architects - an attempt to proactively create more resilient homes and communities.

The story of the One House solution is brought to life in a documentary, integrated campaign and immersive online experience that allows people to explore specific resilient features and incorporate them into their own home.

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“Australians have demonstrated their resilience in the face of natural disaster time and time again. One House to Save Many aims to establish a building standard that is as robust as Australians themselves, and prompts people to realise that more needs to be done to withstand the weather of today and tomorrow.”

Andy Fergusson

Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett

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