RC Cola UFO Bunny by The Glue Society

RC Cola : Why Not?

Written by

Ravenous Mantis & The Glue Society

Directed by

The Glue Society

Produced by


To celebrate the new tagline ‘Why Not?’. We were asked to create a new, and suitably flippant RC Cola brand mascot. A sort of meme-friendly icon for Gen-Z. A naughty animatronic rabbit travelling through time seemed like the perfect solution.

This revisionist history suggests that RC Cola was foundational to pivotal, history-altering moments: The discovery of Fire, the creation of the Pyramids, the invention of the Internet - and lastly the holy union of Socks and Sandals.

We twisted the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey into a recurring motif that travels through time - from its original form, into a spacey UFO version, then synthy 80s - before being bombastically destroyed by an off-tune bunny rabbit in a shoe store.

RC Cola Why Not by The Glue Society
RC Cola Pyramids by The Glue Society
RC Cola Mascot by The Glue Society
RC Cola Bunny by The Glue Society

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