Vodafone becoming One New Zealand rebrand by The Glue Society

Vodafone : Becoming One

Written by

The Tuesday Club, Auckland

Designed, Directed & Edited by

The Glue Society

Produced by

Biscuit / Revolver

Global telecom company Vodafone had been in New Zealand for many years, but of late had become like a big tech giant that wasn’t really serving the local people in a good way.

That is, until a local group of business people decided to buy the brand back and create something that was entirely owned by Kiwis and for Kiwis.

Over the course of a week, letters were removed from a giant Vodafone sculpture on a mountain in Queenstown (and on people’s phone handsets) and a large roundel logo artwork turned through 90 degrees revealing a ‘kiwi bird’ – until the new company was unveiled as One NZ.

Vodafone becoming One NZ kiwi by The Glue Society

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