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1882 : Ansiosos y un Capuchón

Written by

Madre, Buenos Aires

Directed by

The Glue Society

The creative idea behind this long-running campaign for Fernet (an Argentinian liquor) is always linked to an unusual rendition of the brand’s number, 1882. In this instance we see 1,882 of Argentina’s most nervous characters.

They are calmed down by the arrival of a 9 metre pen lid (capuchon). Once they have chewed that to pieces, their nerves are then placated with a giant fingernail (una). Unsurprisingly, since it’s release the spot has become a major talking point in Argentina - with much debate surrounding its various meanings and significance.

The commercial was shot (predominantly in camera) at an airfield in Buenos Aires by Oscar-winning cinematographer Russell Boyd (Master & Commander).

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1882 Nervous People
1882 Ansiosos y un Capuchon 9
1882 Nervous chewing pen cap
1882 Advertising
1882 Ansiosos y un Capuchon 3

“Completely insane, ridiculously abstract, fantastic direction. I’ve watched it about ten times, and it still fascinates.”

Damian Fitzgerald,

Goodby Silverstein, San Francisco

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