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Anti-Slavery Australia : Human Mart

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Coffee Cocoa Gunpowder

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The Glue Society

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A world-first store - selling human beings - on Sydney’s Oxford Street, was opened to shock passers-by and create a media storm. The supermarket, The Human Mart, stocked a range of over 70 products that each represented a victim of modern slavery in Australia.

The compelling and confronting experience was designed to raise awareness and raise funds for Anti-Slavery Australia (ASA) with products ‘purchased’ in the store equating to donations.

The shocking facts suggest that around 15,000 people are being kept in slave-like conditions in Australia today, used as domestic workers, cheap labour in sexual exploitation and trapped in forced marriages. The Human Mart sought to bring their stories into the open to create a political and community response.

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``Collaborating with The Glue Society reminded me that the people you surround yourself with to meet the ambition, is as important as the idea itself.”

Chiquita King

Co-founder and Managing Director, Cocogun

Human Mart Anti Slavery Shop

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