IKEA Tonight is to sleep Sheep by The Glue Society 1

IKEA : The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Written by

Mother, London

Sculpture & Direction by

The Glue Society

Produced by


Nothing compares to the feeling of a good night’s sleep.

We were commissioned to create and film a series of larger-than-life sculptures, made exclusively from IKEA bedding. This included a seven-metre long sheep made from pillows, sleeping and breathing peacefully.

Each ethereal and dreamlike creation turned IKEA’s wonderful everyday items into something elegant and elevated. From HYLLESTADs to HÖNSBÄRs, the works were created entirely from products readily available in the IKEA bedding department. Truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Ikea set

``A series of wonderfully soporific spots.``


Ikea commecial set lighting

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