Ecover Professor Green 1

Ecover : Laundry Against Landfill

Written by

Uncommon London

Directed by

The Glue Society

Produced by


Every 30 seconds, more than a thousand items of clothing are thrown into landfill in the UK alone - and this is something Ecover felt could be change with some basic education during London Fashion Week.

So for one entire minute on national television, millions of viewers watched whilst the rapper Professor Green sat atop a running washing machine, delivering a vibrating message to the public whilst thousands of clothes fell to the floor around him.

The set was designed and built to feel like a giant art installation - using entirely sustainable, recyclable materials.

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Ecover Laundry Against Landfill Glue Society

“The Glue Society’s knack for creating incredible artistic installations made them a perfect production partner - their approach was to recreate a landfill site in one of London’s largest rehearsal studios, dropping the clothes in camera, from a great height. They ensured all 1,000 clothes items were sourced second-hand, and once we were done, washed and returned to charity.“

Tom Houser and Christopher Keatinge,


Professor Green Ecover Advert

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