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Great Britain & N. Ireland : The Audacious Run

Written by

Pablo, London

Directed by

The Glue Society

Produced by

Biscuit Filmworks

The legend of William Webb Ellis catching a football and running with it dates back to a game at Rugby School in 1823.
To mark 200 years since the UK schoolboy broke convention and invented the game of rugby, a unique project was developed to connect the UK and the home of this year’s Rugby World Cup in France.

To mark the anniversary, we approached ultramarathon runner Jake Barraclough, 26, to evoke the spirit of Webb Ellis and undertake the gruelling 281 mile run from Rugby School to Paris in time for the opening of the Rugby World Cup.

It was a ten day effort, running a marathon distance each day – at one point taking in 10 Downing Street. The run was something we covered live on social media and streaming channels, as well as creating a film released just in time for the World Cup final. The Audacious Run was picked up by mainstream and sports media on both sides of the channel – with our runner’s successful arrival in Paris being greeted by the UK Ambassador to France.

The Audacious Run Great Britain
The Audacious Run Great Britain by The Glue Society
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The Audacious Run Great Britain 1
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“Webb Ellis’s story is one of breaking convention, there are few tales so brilliant and so uniquely British. And 200 years on, seeing Jake run with a ball for 281 miles will bring the spirit of the UK to life in a very real way. It’s the perfect showcase of Britain’s audacious spirit”

Oliver Dowden

UK Deputy Prime Minister

The Audacious Run Great Britain 4

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