Carlsberg Inked Tattoos Liverpool FC by The Glue Society

Carlsberg : Inked

Written by

Worth Your While, Copenhagen

Directed by

The Glue Society

Produced by

Biscuit Filmworks

Carlsberg has sponsored Liverpool FC for 30 years – making it the longest standing partnership in the Premier League. And this year, they chose to commit to 10 more years.

In order to recognise the significance of the deal – and what it means for both the club and the fans – they wanted to celebrating the ‘inking’ of the deal.

Taking this a bit more literally than usual, over 50 fans agreed to let us give them a tattoo in honour of the agreement. Just showing what it means to everyday supporters.
But far from being just a one off mark, each of the images formed part of an animation we created to bring the story of Carlsberg and Liverpool FC’s success to life.

10 more years. Inked. Carlsberg Liverpool F.C
Carlsberg Liverpool Tattoo Inked by The Glue Society
bleeding tattoo
Carlsberg Liverpool FC tattoos
Liverpool F.C. Carlsberg Tattoo Glue Society

”After a match, you often hear the Liverpool players say, ‘We couldn’t have done it without the fans’. Well, we literally couldn’t have made this project without the fans.”

Tim Pashen

Worth Your While, Denmark

Liverpool F.C. Carlsberg Tattoo

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