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Ministry of Social Development : The Broken Heartline

Written by

Clemenger BBDO Wellington

Artist and Project Direction

The Glue Society

The Broken Heartline is a dedicated break-ups helpline, designed to help young people seek support when they’re hurting most, in the moments they’re really feeling it.

We were asked to conceive and create five artworks that embody broken hearts, each expressing common emotions and responses experienced by young people: Sadness, Jealousy, Loneliness, Anger, and Getting Wasted.

Each heart is a three dimensional artwork made over hundreds of hours using a combination of 3D printing, hand painting and sculpture, chrome plating and stoning techniques.

Broken Heart line Break Up By The Glue Society 1
Broken Heart line Break Up By The Glue Society2
Own The Feels Heart Sadness Detail Top
Own The Feels Heart Anger Detail Teeth
Own The Feels Heart Loneliness Detail Top
Own The Feels Heart Wasted Detail Bottom
Own The Feels Heart Jealousy Detail Eye
Broken Heartline The Glue Society

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