The Waiting Workforce by The Glue Society

The Waiting Workforce

The Glue Society

The Waiting Workforce


Expungement papers, steel

National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

An estimated one in three Americans have criminal records and millions have as a result faced significant barriers to finding meaningful employment.

The paperwork involved in trying to clear their name, and expunge their records proves financially and logistically impossible – leaving them incapable of finding work that mirrors their level of training.

JPMorgan Chase and creative agency Droga5 commissioned us to create an art installation called ’The Waiting Workforce' featuring 38 human-shaped sculptures – one for each state that hasn’t passed the Clean Slate legislation.

The ruling would automatically clear criminal records once people complete their sentences - and we directed a film aiming to both raise awareness of this and prompt the need for change.

Written by Droga5, NY

Commissioned by JPMorgan Chase

Directed by The Glue Society.

The Waiting Workforce by The Glue Society

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