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Samsung : Performance Enhancing Music

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CHE Proximity, Sydney

Directed by

The Glue Society

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With no fans in Tokyo at the delayed 2020 Olympics, Samsung Galaxy and Optus wanted to show their support for the Australian athletes - even if no-one was able to be there in person to cheer them on.

In a unique combination of technology, science and creativity, audio tracks were created and scientifically tested to enhance individual’s athletic performance.

Following interviews with various Olympians and Paralympians, bespoke music tracks were composed which featured rhythms related to specific sports, audio soundbites with mantras and positive affirmations, as well as favourite musical genres and artists to put the athlete into the best mindset to improve their sporting performance.

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Samsung - Performance Enhancing Music - by The Glue Society

``Athletes like to reach this moment where they touch the infinite. And personalised music is the best thing to help them get closer to this moment.``

Dr. Damien Lafont

Peak performance and mental training expert

Samsung - Performance Enhancing Music

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