TAC Towards Zero by The Glue Society 3

TAC : Towards Zero

Written by

Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

Directed by

The Glue Society

Produced by


A man is stopped in the street. And asked to respond to the fact that over 250 people died in road accidents last year, with a number that might be more acceptable.

Unbeknownst to him, around the corner we had gathered a large number of people – and were ready to send that precise number of people in his response - to confront him.

What took some organising up front – was we had also assembled in that group members of his family, his friends, relatives and colleagues in addition to people he didn’t know.

So when he replied 70, we sent that number of people to walk towards him.

He was naturally overwhelmed – but it all demonstrated that really the only acceptable response to the question was to have zero fatalities.

``If we're not aiming for zero, we are saying to ourselves that there is an acceptable level of road trauma.``

Luke Donnellan,

Minister for Roads, Victoria

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